“Perhaps the greatest lessons I learned at Corpus Christi School weren’t taught in the classroom, but rather on the playground, in the gym, at Student Council meetings, and in Church.  Corpus Christi School taught me that everyone has value, no matter what their background, religion, or ability is.  Going to high school, and now college, with kids from around the world, I feel grateful for the experiences I had at Corpus Christi School – learning, playing, and maturing into the person I am today. ”

Stephen Antico     Class of 2011

  “What differentiates Corpus Christi from other schools is the quality and dedication of their teachers. Corpus Christi faculty focus on the development of our children academically, personally, and spiritually.”

The EprightFamily 

  “ Before attending high school, I had spent nine academic years learning at Corpus Christi School. Throughout my time there, I was provided with many scholastic opportunities that have prepared me for the rigor of high school, such as the CTY program and eighth grade Algebra. These opportunities helped to prepare me for the new and challenging requirements of Choate.”

Sophia Esquibies  Class of 2014  

  “Our family has been blessed to be a part of Corpus Christi school for the past 13 years. Growing up in a public school, I missed important reasons why Catholic education is best. My three boys have grown emotionally, socially, intellectually, but most of all spiritually. In a world full of turmoil and hate, it is important to learn how to keep God present in their lives. The administrators, teachers, and staff all show such caring support for all who enter through the doors. My boys have experienced the real feeling of love and compassion but most of all being part of a community who never leaves anyone behind.” 

The BurbyFamily