What is FUND IT THRU SCRIP (FITS) Program?

SCRIP Cards are available for purchase in the school office Monday to Friday 7:00am to 2:30pm.  



The FITS gift card program is a unique fundraiser for Corpus Christi School. Each year, the FITS program makes a significant contribution to defray the school’s operating expenses. FITS is crucial to Corpus Christi School because the cost of educating our children exceeds our per student tuition. As with tuition, the FITS program is part of your financial obligation to the school.

Each Corpus Christi School family with students in grades PreK-8 is required by School Board policy to raise a specific amount of money as noted on the tuition schedule. These profits must be raised through the purchase of FITS cards from May 1st, 2020 through 

April 30th, 2021. If a family chooses not to participate, they may “opt out” by writing a check for the specified amount made payable to “Corpus Christi School”, with “Opt-Out” written in the memo field or inform the office to have it done through the FACTS account.


Your Family Obligation


The program works like this: The school purchases FITS gift cards and the cards are then sold to Corpus Christi School families. There is a large selection of vendors, ranging from local grocery stores and restaurants to department stores and national chains.

Please note that if your family’s obligation is $450, this does not mean that you need to purchase $450 worth of cards; it means that you must generate $450 in profits for the school.

Example: The Home Depot currently has a profit percentage of 4%. If you purchase a $50 gift card, $2.00 goes towards your annual obligation. If you buy a $300 card, $12.00 goes towards your obligation.  The larger the profit percentage (and the larger the purchase), the more quickly you will accumulate your profits and meet your obligation.

Statements detailing the amount of profits you have earned can be obtained by contacting Corpus Christi Scrip program coordinator Ania Simpson (simpsonania@sbcglobal.net)

Families that have not met their financial commitment by April 30, 2021 will be billed any remaining balance by May 15, 2021. Payment is expected by May 15, 2021. 

· If a family meets some, but not all, of their obligation by April 30, 2020 the remaining balance will be due by May 15, 2021

If a family meets their obligation by March 27th and earns an additional amount, the additional amount will be credited to the last payment for tuition. 

Options for placing orders

Options for placing orders:

Options for placing orders:

Options for placing orders:

1. Online - you create an account using the Corpus Christi enrollment code EL6548647273 and sign up for Presto Pay (automatic payment from your bank account, there is a $0.15 fee)

2. Paper order form sent to the office with your payment

Orders will be placed on Sundays, delivery of cards will be by Fridays.  If you need any cards sooner please mention it to the office.

Having the online account gives you 2 additional opportunities:

1.  You can get electronic gift cards for immediate use from approximately 70 retailers (for online purchases, unplanned purchases or spontaneous shopping, dining, etc); that option is called Scrip Now (you must be signed up for Presto Pay to use it).

2. You can reload your gift cards (see list of retailers for participation)

Please feel free to contact the program’s coordinator - Ania Simpson (scrip@corpuschristischoolct.org) with any questions and/or problems.


Options for placing orders:

Options for placing orders:


· MyScripWallet - Click here for videos.

· PrestoPay: PrestoPay is the electronic payment method which allows you to securely link a bank account to your ShopWithScrip account. Families can then choose to have their bank account debited for the entire amount of their ShopWithScrip order when they checkout online.

· Credit Cards:

  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted
  • The rebate amount is the same any way you pay
  • A 2.6% fee is added to your order total each time you pay with       a credit card. You will have instant access to eGift cards and reloads

· Regular "in-stock" orders may be placed via "kidmail". Click here to download an order form and send in with payment, with your child in an envelope marked "FITS ORDER". You order will be filled and returned home to you with your child. Usually the same day or very next day.

· Special Orders take one week to arrive. If you place an order for gift cards that are not kept in stock, we order them the week you place your order and they arrive the following week and will go home with your child unless you ask us to hold the order in the office for pick up.